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Tips on feeding the calf... The key to growing performance in young cattle at grass is the development of the rumen in the 4 – 16-week period, this applies to both birth bucket reared and suckled calves.The finger like projections called Villi on the rumen wall must be developed at this stage so that maximum absorption of nutrients…

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April Feedtalk... April Feedtalk contains the latest news and information, relevant to you and your business. We are also excited to promote Harpers Farm Supplies Open Day!

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Keep up to date with our latest news... February Feedtalk contains the latest farming news.

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December news... Find out the latest information and events with December Feedtalk

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Keeping you informed... For the latest news and information, Feedtalk has everything you need to support your business.

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Feeding on Farm... Download August feedtalk to get the latest news and information with us.

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The latest from our office... Get the latest information from April Feedtalk

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Calf Meetings... Find out the latest research to unlock the potential of your youngstock Join Trouw Nutrition, St. Boniface Vets and Harpers Feeds as we look at the latest research in making and maintaining a healthy calf, the benefits of optimising heifer rearing and Trouw Nutrition will discuss their Lifestart Life Performance…

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Getting the diet right... GET FORAGE TESTED FOR EFFECTIVE EWE SUPPLEMENTATIONIt is vital to plan the feeding of in- lamb ewes to achieve maximum lamb production and potential while getting the most from forage.The key is to target feeds, supplementing ewes correctly based on the number of lambs being carried, but as importantly the…