Getting the diet right...


It is vital to plan the feeding of in- lamb ewes to achieve maximum lamb production and potential while getting the most from forage.
The key is to target feeds, supplementing ewes correctly based on the number of lambs being carried, but as importantly the quality of the forage. Now is the time to get forage analysed to understand exactly how good it is and how much supplementation is required.

Under-supplementation can lead to poor performance and increased problems around lambing, while over-supplementation can push up costs and ewe condition. Armed with an analysis, you can plan which ewes to target based on scanning results or body condition score. You can also decide which compound to feed to complement the forage most accurately.

Our fixed formulation ewe feeds can be fed alongside the forage, being formulated to include the correct levels of RDP (Rumen Degradable Protein) and DUP/bypass protein. To ensure high quality, the DUP proportion of the diet comes from hi-pro soya. Ewe Master Nuts and Rolls are designed to be fed from six weeks before lambing with a range of protein levels available to balance different forages.

We make sure that the compound chosen will support not only the ewe prior to lambing, but will also bring good lamb vitality, and colostrum production.

Once lambs are on the ground, our range of lamb feeds can help ensure lambs grow quickly and finish well to hit target markets and maximise available prices. Earlier lambing flocks often favour feeding the lambs as soon as they exit the sheds, while later lambing flocks often finish their lambs off grass. With either system we have diets that will do the job, again designed to make the best of available forage.

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